6 Tips For Optimizing Product Images For Your Shopify Store


A good percentage of searches on Google are from keywords, but there is also a big percentage that comes from people searching Google images and you want to take advantage of that as a product driven business.  People are buying your product based on how it looks and for this reason, investing in the image SEO for your Shopify store is essential.

Below are 6 ways you can optimize your images to help you sell more.

1. Add text

Adding text to your product images will help you to boost clicks since you are giving more details about your image.

Here are some ways to include text in your images:

  • Pricing information
  • Anything unique that sets your product apart
  • Any special pricing or offers

The key takeaway is to not only consider the page the images will be showing up in on your website but which images will be appearing in image searches. How will it stand out and how will it entice the user to visit your page.

3. Image SEO needs to be strong

There are certain SEO guidelines to follow for any image you want to rank high in search results.  Here they are and they apply to every image on your website.

Image Filename

  • Include keywords in your image filename 
  • No keyword stuffing in the image filename 
  • Make the filename easy – You want the search engines to catch every word so stay away from using use hyphens and other characters in between words.  Make certain not to have spaces in your filename as they will read illegible.
  • Avoid using odd naming –  Stick to using descriptive words that people would use in an image search.

Image URL

The same protocol applies here that you used for your image filenames.  You do want to use a variation of your image filename though.  You also want a solid URL architecture for your image URLs.  A standard folder like /photos/ is fine but you also want to create sub-folders so that you give the search engines more detail.  For your different images you can try something like /photos/shorts/women’s.  You get the picture.  This will help you pop up in more relevant search results.

Alt Attribute

The image alt attribute is used by screen readers for people who are visually impaired.  It is also used as a  substitute image if for some reason the browser can’t show the original image.  Use descriptive keywords and stay away from keyword stuffing.

Compress Images

People will abandon your site if it does not load in 3 seconds or less.  For this reason, it is important that you compress your images to keep the load time down.  Be sure to never upload an image that is larger than the maximum size it will display at.  Anything larger will slow your site, take up space and harm your SEO efforts.

Here are some best practices

  • Try to us JPG for most images
  • Use GIFs for simpler images that don’t have too many colors
  • Typically, PNG is only used for images that need to be printed

Your site is mobile-friendly

With most people using the internet from their smartphone, you must have a responsive website design.  This means your site is designed to adjust itself to the device it is being viewed on. If your site is not designed with this in mind, people will abandon it.  Not to mention it is an important ranking factor with the search engines.

In addition to making sure your images are done properly, you also want to add detailed and accurate descriptions of your products, if not, you may find people abandoning your store.  You can help improve your abandonment rate by using something like Exit Offers.  This app provides you with a pop-up that will display a special promotion to the visitor if they begin to navigate away from your store.  An offer like a percentage discount or will usually get someone to make a purchase.  You should also be using email marketing to offer discounts and other promotions.

4. Optimize thumbnail images

E-commerce sites will typically use thumbnail images on category pages since they don’t take up much space. With that being said, they can have an effect on your page load speed.  Luckily, Shopify takes care of thumbnail optimization for you.  For those that don’t use Shopify yet, here are some tips.

  • Make the thumbnail file sizes as small as possible (quality is not so much of an issue with this).   All your thumbnail images together will have a cumulative impact on your page load time.
  • Make sure you vary the alt attribute text so that it is not the same as any larger version you would use of the same image. You do not want the thumbnail being used instead of the larger image.

5. Use image sitemaps

An Image sitemap is basically a file that contains a map of all of your site’s content.  It tells Google all about the images on your site.  Once your sitemap is up,  submit it and reference it from within your parent sitemap.

6. Try to use unique images

When it comes to product images, most e-commerce sites use the images provided by the manufacturer.  If you are selling tons of different products, this makes sense.  Nevertheless, Google usually will not display duplicate images in their search results. The way to get around this is by using unique product images on your product pages.  This may not be feasible for every product page, especially if you have a large site, but it is worth it to include at least some unique images.  This can be for your higher performing pages.

If you can, take the time to make sure your image is different than what is coming up in image search results.  Keep in mind that with image results as opposed to core search results, users will usually scroll past the first page.  This is good for any business that does not find itself on the first page.


Many businesses in the e-commerce space have not taken the time to invest in image SEO.  Although image search has its limitations in comparison to core searches, it definitely offers benefits.  The above tips will help you make sure your images are optimized and in turn you will see improvements in your revenue and rankings.


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Six Tips To A Better Instagram Presence In 2018

Instagram has officially grown to be one of the largest social media platforms with over 800 million users and over 20 million business profiles.  It has really become so much more than just a photo sharing site.  It really gives brands the opportunity to showcase their identity in a creative and visual way.  Signing up for an account is a breeze, but growing it to a successful level takes time and effort.

Below are six tips on how to boost your Instagram presence in 2018


 Maintain a consistent look

Consistency in the look you portray with your images is key when it comes to having a successful Instagram account.  Choose at most a couple of filters and use them consistently with every photo you upload.  By doing this, you will set your account apart from others while building brand recognition.

Use Instagram live

Interacting with your followers in real time using the Instagram Live option is a great way to boost loyalty and engagement.  Just be sure that you are not just having a live session to try and sell more products or services.   Here are some ideas of what you can do:

  • Introduce a new product
  • Make a big announcement.
  • Go behind-the-scenes of your business
  • Do a live Q&A.

Schedule out your content

Scheduling your posts to Instagram is one of the number one things you need to do in order to keep your followers engaged.  Posting once day and not posting again for a week will not build the connection you are looking for with your audience.  If you have trouble coming up with fresh content or you lack the time to dedicate to gathering great content, consider using a company that can create custom social media content for you.

Take advantage of Instagram stories

Instagram Stories have become very popular with businesses since they are a great way to further develop the connection your brand has with its audience.   Stories are great for giving behind the scenes looks, running competitions or anything else creative you can think of.

Check out your competition

Analyzing your competitors Instagram accounts is great for getting insights into what is working for them.  See what hashtags they are using as well as what they are posting and when.  Look closely at the types of content they are posting and which posts are generating the most engagement and which are not working.  With all this great info, you will be able to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best ways to further develop your brand. They make it easy for people to find posts that are relevant to their interests and then they also get to interact with other people who have the same interest by engaging in the conversation surrounding a particular hashtag.  For businesses, it gives you a voice by engaging in the conversation.   When choosing hashtags to use, make sure they are related to your brand and are appropriate for the content you are putting out.


Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for showcasing your brand and what it is all about.  In order to really be successful, you have to stay on top of trends and put in the hard work.  The above steps will help you get there by growing your presence and building your influence.


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8 Tips For How To Effectively Market Luxury Homes


Selling high end real estate means you need a different approach than what you would use for a regular home. From the get go, you need to have a laser focused strategy that will take your listing to higher levels. You need to market the properties unique features that will attract the right buyer at the right price.

Below are eight tips to help you sell a luxury listing in the least amount of time and for the most money possible.

1. Price it correctly.

Pricing a luxury home from the get go is probably the most important step in getting the home sold. With that being said, luxury homes present an extra layer of difficulty when it comes to pricing. There are typically not as many comparable homes that you can reference, and higher end homes tend to have unique features that may appeal to only certain buyers.

The ideal way to price a luxury home is to consider other luxury homes that have sold in the last six months. You then want to look at comparable details like square footage, the features of the home and number of bedrooms.  This will help you determine the right listing price.

2. Build pre-MLS buzz

Before you list the home on the MLS, it is a great idea to build up buzz about it.  Come up with a variety of descriptions that provide any special and unique details about the home.  Did a well known designer help build the home? Anything interesting about the area the home is in?  Was the interior designed by a well known interior designer?  These are all details to think about as selling points for the home. Next, think about any connections you have with higher-end public relations people that can help you spread the news about your listing.

3. Really understand who your buyer is

In order for any marketing to be effective, you need to have an in depth understanding of the desires and needs of the market you are targeting.  The same applies in real estate.  You need to think like the future buyer of the home.  Consider the features, benefits and value prospective buyers may place on the home they are looking to buy.  By doing this, you will be able to more effectively market the home.

4. Real estate flyers and high-end marketing materials are a must

When it comes to marketing a listing, perception goes a long way. When it comes to luxury listings, you need to take it to the next level and create high quality marketing materials.  It is worth it to spend the extra money on video, photos, ad copy and even a dedicated website for your listing.  Another great way to emphasize the value of an upscale property is with Real estate flyers.  When creating yours, remember to focus on value beyond the usual selling points. Details like high-end materials used to build the home, imported appliances or a design by a specific architect, are all great selling points to include on your flyer.

5. Timing is everything

The right timing is key when it comes to selling luxury real estate. For example, if you are selling a waterfront home, it is crucial to select the right time of year to sell the property. Showing a home like this in winter would not be the right time!

6. Video marketing 

When it comes to visual marketing, video is the gold standard. Creating a video highlighting the unique features of the home is a key component to properly marketing a luxury listing.  Drone photography is another great tool to use.  It helps with visualizing not only the property but the neighborhood and local attractions.  Providing high end marketing like this, really is a must when it comes luxury listings and it will not go unnoticed by the seller or the buyer.

7. Reach out to your contacts

Prior to releasing your property onto the MLS, it is a great idea to contact other luxury agents, past high end clients and any other high net worth individuals.  You can reach out via your social media accounts or through email and provide an exclusive sneak peak.  You might also think about sending physical invitations, then follow up with each invitee individually.   This will help create a buzz around the listing.

8. Knock on neighbor’s door

Neighbors are great advocates for the neighborhood and are great for expanding your marketing reach.  As fans of the area, they can reach out to family and friends and encourage them to move to the area.  Send them a nice real estate flyer to let them know that a property in their neighborhood is about to hit the market.  You can even offer them an opportunity to look at the property and allow their friends to join too.  The more the merrier.







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5 Tips To More Effectively Manage Your Social Media Marketing


We all know by now that social media has taken over our society.  If you have a business, small or big, you can’t afford not to have a strong presence on social media. With that being said, managing your social media marketing can be both overwhelming and time consuming.

Below are five tips to help you effectively manage the time you spend on social media for your business.

Choose which social media platforms best suit your business

Choosing the right social media platforms is essential to your overall success with social media marketing. Every business is different and you need to determine where your key audience is.  In order to figure out this essential factor, you need to consider your company’s value over another business, otherwise known as your USP (Unique proposition factor).  From there, you are ready to tailor your content to the platforms that will bring your business the most traction.

Measure Success

Before you start coming up with all your content, you have to define your objective along with the metrics you plan to use to measure results.  There are five buckets to consider, with important metrics that apply to each. These being: engagement, consumption, awareness, actions, and SEO impact. With that being said, the metrics you will use in each bucket will be based up your own objectives, strategy and resources.  Here are some of the more common metrics to look at:

  • Engagement – shares, likes, comments, re-tweets
  • Consumption – clicks, visits, referrals
  • Awareness – exposure, reach, volume
  • Drive traffic – URL shards, clicks and conversions, leads/sales, newsletter sign-ups, site navigation
  • Impact on SEO – boost in organic backlinks, boost in organic site traffic and activity, boost in engagement on specific content pieces

Automation is a must

We know by now that managing multiple social media accounts is challenging and time consuming.  In order to better manage the process, you want to look at automating certain processes. For example, to schedule posts to Instagram, you want to use a company like Autogrammer,  With this tool you can also schedule posts to Facebook and Twitter.  They also provide easy photo editing and sharing capabilities.  Now that you have some time freed up, you can focus on building your brand with your audience.

Consistently Use Images 

They jury has been out for some time when it comes to the great impact using images has when it comes to your posts.  If you are a big business, finding great images to use is not that hard.  But if you are an entreprenur or a small business, this can be a little trickier.  One place to look for free quality images, is websites like Gratisography,  Pixabay, Stockvault.  You will have thousands of images to choose from, have fun!

Content Mix

Putting out a variety of content types is key to figuring out which type creates the most engagement with your audience.  Try a mix of infographics, news, influencer posts, images and blog posts and see what sticks. We have already mentioned where to get great free images.  For Infographics, Canva and Piktochart are great tools.  For Influencer posts, check out Buzzsumo and Feedly, with these you will be able to see what is popular and buzzing at the moment for your niche.

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Spray Foam Insulation – An Effective Way to Cut Down Energy Loss

insulation installationCometh the winters and you shudder, not from the cold, but from the high electricity bills due to your always running thermostat and other heating appliances. Do you realize the need of a thermostat throughout the day while the thermostats promise of leaving the warm environment even hours after they are turned off? The answer lies within the walls of your homes. The roof and walls have tiny openings which let out all the heat that is generated from the heating appliances. But you can always install spray foam insulation for your home to negate the energy loss and heavy electricity consumption. Today it is easy and affordable to call in an expert for wall foam insulation to reduce the energy losses.

Living comfortably in your home during winters can be easy if you get the right balance between four core aspects of your home – insulation, ventilation, moisture control, and air sealing. You can either confidently install spray foam insulation by yourself by getting a foam injection kit or by calling a certified expert for wall foam insulation.

Insulation acts as a barrier between the two different atmospheres outside and inside your home. This ups the level of resistance to energy loss as neither the warm air inside the building is allowed to escape nor are the chilling winds outside entering the dwelling through the walls and roofs. The efficiency of the insulation material is measured by its R-value. The higher the R-value, the better is its resistance to heat flow. The R-value is a measure of a combined contribution of the material of the spray foam insulation, including its thickness, density, and the number of layers. Wall foam insulation is made with a polyurethane composition which is generously sprayed across the walls, the attic, and the roof to fill in any gaps that conduct the heat energy through them.

The air must not be allowed to pass through the walls to the outside, but its current throughout the house and within its walls is called the ventilation. Ventilation is as important as resistance because while opposition attempts to cancel out the conduction between the outside and the inside atmospheres, ventilation helps to distribute the air currents uniformly throughout the interior of your home’s space. Good ventilation balances the temperatures within the house so that you can feel the warmth even when you are at a distance from the thermostat. The air feels fresh, and the environment is refreshing.

The moisture control aspect of insulating your home regulates the amount of moisture present in your rooms. The moisture plays a significant role in air temperature which is to be maintained at all times for comfortable living. Wall foam insulation helps to seal up all leaks or gaps in the walls, window panes, or roof of the house to keep the air sealed. This is known as air sealing. All these four aspects of home insulation are equally important for better living and cutting down the energy consumption and electricity bills considerably.

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Glucosamine Has Wonderful Benefits For Dogs

As people learn how to care for their dogs, they learn their dog’s personality and many other things. Pet owners are aware of what their dogs like to do on a good day and when something isn’t quite right for their pet. As people begin to see there is something wrong with their dog, they look closely. There are times that their dog isn’t as playful as normal and many pet owners begin to look for ways to help.

When a dog isn’t as active as they normally are or having a hard time moving, it can be from a number of illnesses and issues. The most common reason that this happens is canine arthritis. It comes as a shock to most dog owners that their dogs can even get arthritis. When these dogs are suffering from a flare up, they are in pain and don’t want to move for many reasons.

As soon as most pet owners begin to think their dog has arthritis, they begin to do research and look for treatments. Many find that it is recommended. The recommendations come from many sources because of the benefits that dogs receive from this medication versus other medicines.

There are many differences between glucosamine for dogs and traditional pain medications. Those that opt to treat their dogs with medications normally do so because they want to treat the pain and discomfort quickly. Many don’t clearly understand the side effects that they are exposing their pets to. Glucosamine works in a different way and it doesn’t expose them to many side effects. Glucosamine helps a dog’s tissues and cartilage to heal itself. As their body heals itself, the dogs begin to feel better and become active again.

There are many things that a dog’s body normally produces and glucosamine is one of them. Their body produces it so that any damaged and worn tissues and cartilage can heal. When dogs get older, their glucosamine production may slow down. As their body stops getting a steady amount of the substance, they aren’t able to move as freely as they once were.

When pet owners learn of these things, they also find they are able to purchase it over the counter. Although their dog’s body isn’t producing it, it still has significant benefits. As dogs begin to take the medication on a regular basis, they begin to change for the better. When they become more active and playful, most pet owners know it is working. The glucosamine the dogs are taking are beginning to heal their damaged tissues and inflamed cartilage.

Glucosamine is something that should be considered by all pet owners. This medicine helps dogs recover and heal from their painful conditions. If you’re not sure which product to get- online reviews showed that Nootie’s glucosamine supplement really works. These animals are able to continue to have a healthy and active lifestyle no matter their age. They also aren’t exposed to the side effects that other medications may have.

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4 Tips On How to Repair Your Garage Door

garage doorA garage plays a significant role in keeping your car safe from the elements and thieves, but sometimes the garage might have its own problem. Your garage door might refuse to open, close or lock. However, if you are experiencing this kind of problem, you may need to consider garage door repair. Most people do not know how to fix a garage door and help from an expert may be required in some instances. For that reason, here are 4 tips on how to repair your overhead door.

1. Look for the quick fixes

When it comes to repairing your overhead door, there must be a few do it yourself possibilities. However, you can fix or replace broken or missing hinges very quickly with a few hand tools. The main concern here is coordinating size and circumference accurately.

2. Check the metal tracks

In your garage, look at the mounting brackets that hold the tracks in the walls. Tighten the screws or bolts at the brackets if you find they are loose. Examine the tracks for crimps, dents, or flat spots as you work inside the garage while the door is closed. In case you notice any damaged spots, use either a rubber mallet, a hammer or a block of scrap wood to pound the damaged spots. You can replace the tracks if they are seriously damaged.

3. Make sure the tracks are properly aligned

Horizontal tracks should slightly slant down toward the back of your garage. Additionally, with roll-up doors, the vertical track sections should be exactly even. Loosen the tracks if they are not aligned properly and tap them carefully into position, but make sure not to remove the bolts and screws that hold the mounting brackets. Both tracks must be at the same height on the walls of your garage, so use a level to recheck the tracks and ensure that they are in the right position. After that, you can tighten the bolts and screws at the mounting brackets.

4. Tighten any loose hardware

Check the place on the door where the spring is mounted and tighten any loose screws. If you are using a roll-up door, check the hinges that hold together the sections of the door and tighten any loose screws. Make sure you replace any damaged hinges. Sometimes servicing the hinges can often correct sagging on one side of the door. If the wood at the hinge is cracked, remove the hinge and fill the screw holes and the cracks with wood filler. Make sure you let the filler dry and then replace the hinge.

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Information on the Toyota 3vze 3.0 V6 Engine

1987 Toyota Corolla GTS engineIf you have blown your Toyota 3vze V6 engine, there are many reputable companies that can supply a rebuilt engine for your truck. They are newly remanufactured and some have a 3 to 5-year unlimited mileage parts warranty that are covered nationwide. These engines are for the 1988-1995 Toyota and Toyota 4 runners.

They come equipped with new oversize pistons and rings, main and rod bearings, remanufactured heads, timing belt, master gasket set, thrust bearings, and an oil pump. In order to get a better price you need to exchange your old engine for a core credit and the core must be turnable. In other words, the crank, block and heads and other components must be turnable, not frozen up. After you put in your new engine you simply put your old engine in a box and they will send someone to pick it up. It’s as simple as that.

Remanufactured Toyota 3vze 3.0 V6 Engines

Built between 1988-1995, the Toyota 3vze 3.0 V6 engine was manufactured for the Toyota T100, the Toyota pickup, and the Toyota 4 runner. Many companies offer remanufactured engines for around $1600. They can help you get your Toyota back up and running and down the road.

When they remanufacture a Toyota 3vze engine they clean the block and heads and then pressure test them. The next step is to bore and hone the block and install new main bearings, pistons, and rings. After that, they recondition the connecting rods with new rod bearings. Completely rebuilt, the heads are given a 3 angle valve job. The final step in a remanufactured Toyota 3vze engine is to sim test it for oil pressure and check the compression. This is all done quickly and professionally. They ship the engine directly to you with a 12-month warranty. They want to help you get your truck on the road again!

Basic Information About the Toyota 3vze 3.0 V6 Engine

The Toyota 3vze 3.0 V6 engine is a 3.0 L engine and is the only one built with a SOHC (single overhead camshaft). This engine comes with an electronic fuel injection system and an electronic engine control unit that ensure optimum engine performance in a Toyota pickup. The blocks are made very strong with cast iron and they use main bearing cradles that are large and interconnected. The piston and rings are standard, however; in stock V6 engines the rods are very large. The bore is at 87.5 mm, but the stroke is at 82.0 mm.

The 3vze has a 150 horsepower engine at 4800 rpm and 180 lb per feet torque at 3400 rpm. These engines were built for the Toyota 4 runner, the Toyota Pickup, and the Toyota T100. This engine does not have many interchangeable parts with the 3vz-fe. These Toyota engines are built strong for the road and for off-roading fun.

Toyota 3vze 3.0 V6 Engine Truck Models

The Toyota 4 Runner has a 3vze 3.0 L V6 engine. They were sold from 1988-1995 and were built tough. These weren’t just trucks for on the road or highway, they were built strong and durable for off-roading. They come with a fiberglass cap and a steel body mounted on the frame. Most are 4 door models and 4 wheel drive. The Toyota Pickup has an extended cab for additional storage and has fuel injection. This tough little truck is 4 wheel drive.

The Toyota T100 was sold from 1992-1995 and is a full-size pickup truck. They have an 8-foot pickup bed. They are still smaller than their American counterparts but are considered to be more economical, more reliable and more practical than their larger American cousins. All of the Toyota pickups with the 3vze 3.0 V6 engines were designed for the person who wants great gas mileage and the ability to go off-roading, camping, hunting, fishing and many other outdoor activities. These are wonderful, powerful engines designed to fit your lifestyle.

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Methods of Repairing A Low Credit Score

paying billsMany people do not understand how credit works when they are younger, yet they have all of the capability in the world to head over to a bank and take out a credit card. Often time’s younger individuals do not realize the ramifications of over spending and failing to pay off their credit cards and it lands a ton of people in hot water.

The biggest problem is that a bad credit score can follow you for your entire life and when it comes time to buy a car or a home, you may be out of luck if you have made bad decisions in your past, resulting in a less than average credit score. This is something that happens all to often, but luckily there are plenty of ways that anyone can change the way they are handling their finances, which should ultimately result in a much higher credit score. Furthermore, there are various programs out there that can help to rectify your credit score if you choose to do them.

If you have recently come to find out that you have a very low credit score, there is a pretty good chance that you have been turned down for a loan, bringing the low score on your radar. If you are in this position, you may want to contact a credit repair company, who can help to get your credit back into good standing. This usually involves taking care of previous debts that you have had, or applying for various programs that attempt to get the overall amount that you owe down.

There are tons of programs that are set up to do this, but you can also be an active participant in the repair of your credit. In fact, if you understand how credit works and have come to a place in your life where you are more financially responsible and can take the matter on by yourself, you can absolutely get your credit back into good standing, although it may take quite a bit of time.

Credit scores can be increased by taking out loans, paying bills, and various other things that require you to pay back certain debts for things that you have already received. Once you pay them back, it shows that you are responsible and have taken care of the debt and your credit score will go up gradually as a result. Keep in mind that this is a process that takes a very long time, although the more you purchase and continually pay back, the faster it will occur. If you are truly serious about raising your credit score back to a reputable height, you certainly should check out the various credit repair companies out there.


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