5 Tips To More Effectively Manage Your Social Media Marketing


We all know by now that social media has taken over our society.  If you have a business, small or big, you can’t afford not to have a strong presence on social media. With that being said, managing your social media marketing can be both overwhelming and time consuming.

Below are five tips to help you effectively manage the time you spend on social media for your business.

Choose which social media platforms best suit your business

Choosing the right social media platforms is essential to your overall success with social media marketing. Every business is different and you need to determine where your key audience is.  In order to figure out this essential factor, you need to consider your company’s value over another business, otherwise known as your USP (Unique proposition factor).  From there, you are ready to tailor your content to the platforms that will bring your business the most traction.

Measure Success

Before you start coming up with all your content, you have to define your objective along with the metrics you plan to use to measure results.  There are five buckets to consider, with important metrics that apply to each. These being: engagement, consumption, awareness, actions, and SEO impact. With that being said, the metrics you will use in each bucket will be based up your own objectives, strategy and resources.  Here are some of the more common metrics to look at:

  • Engagement – shares, likes, comments, re-tweets
  • Consumption – clicks, visits, referrals
  • Awareness – exposure, reach, volume
  • Drive traffic – URL shards, clicks and conversions, leads/sales, newsletter sign-ups, site navigation
  • Impact on SEO – boost in organic backlinks, boost in organic site traffic and activity, boost in engagement on specific content pieces

Automation is a must

We know by now that managing multiple social media accounts is challenging and time consuming.  In order to better manage the process, you want to look at automating certain processes. For example, to schedule posts to Instagram, you want to use a company like Autogrammer,  With this tool you can also schedule posts to Facebook and Twitter.  They also provide easy photo editing and sharing capabilities.  Now that you have some time freed up, you can focus on building your brand with your audience.

Consistently Use Images 

They jury has been out for some time when it comes to the great impact using images has when it comes to your posts.  If you are a big business, finding great images to use is not that hard.  But if you are an entreprenur or a small business, this can be a little trickier.  One place to look for free quality images, is websites like Gratisography,  Pixabay, Stockvault.  You will have thousands of images to choose from, have fun!

Content Mix

Putting out a variety of content types is key to figuring out which type creates the most engagement with your audience.  Try a mix of infographics, news, influencer posts, images and blog posts and see what sticks. We have already mentioned where to get great free images.  For Infographics, Canva and Piktochart are great tools.  For Influencer posts, check out Buzzsumo and Feedly, with these you will be able to see what is popular and buzzing at the moment for your niche.

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