7 Best Practices For Boosting Team Motivation


Teams are essential to business success and growth.  When you have a team that is knowledgeable and fired up, you can only expect great things.  In order to ensure that you are infusing your team with energy and not draining it, you need to manage them the right way.

Here are five effective ways to boost team motivation

1. Don’t underpay your employees

When looking at employees’ salaries, you want to make sure they are in line with what other companies in your industry are paying.  Keep in mind many employees would be willing to leave their current job if they were offered just a small percentage increase in pay.  The takeaway: Don’t lose great workers because they are underpaid.

2. Make the workplace a pleasant place to be

With much of our lives spent at work, everyone wants to work in an office environment that is positive and uplifting.   One of the easiest ways to ensure a more positive work environment is to model the behavior you want to see in your team.  This means looking at the attitude we show up to work with each and every day.  As a team leader, you want to exhibit respect, patience and encouragement with your employees.  Do this and you will receive the same in return.  Here are some other ways to help create a positive work environment:

  • Give positive reinforcement
  • Show gratitude
  • Celebrate wins
  • Be Approachable

3. Provide opportunities for self-development

One of the biggest factors in keeping employees committed and engaged is to offer the opportunity for growth  and skill development. This can be workshops, classes, and/or conferences as well as learning opportunities on the job.  Investing in employee development is not only essential for strengthening teams but also in guaranteeing the continued success of a company.

4. Encourage input from team members

Employees need to feel like their input matters and is valued.  Always encourage your team members to provide suggestions and feedback.  You want to constantly ask questions and listen to their answers and if applicable,  implement their solutions.  Getting this input helps not only with improving individual skills but also improving workplace communications and practices.

5. Show Appreciation

Everyone wants to feel appreciated at their workplace.  Employees want to know that you have a personal interest and commitment in them. Recognize their work with small surprises and tokens of your appreciation all year long and you won’t have to wonder how content your team members are. 

6. Establish clear goals

Many times, employees are not clear on work priorities so they wind up all over the place and wasting time.  As their leader, it is your responsibility to set very clear team goals.  You want your team to know what is priority as well as their role in accomplishing those goals.

In order to make sure each team member is not only aware of the individual goals and responsibilities but where each team member stands with theirs, you need to implement a team progress tracking software.  If you don’t use one already, you need to.  It will help keep everyone productive, accountable and up to date on progress.

7. Do away with micromanaging

Having a boss look over your shoulder and question every decision you make can really deflate an employee.  Trying to control everything only creates more problems in the long-term.  For this reason, it is necessary that as team leader you are providing very clear goals like we mentioned.  Make them achievable, measurable and with a deadline and you should feel more in control and the need to micromanage should disappear.

Final thoughts

Getting your employees to put out their best work is not easy.   Poor communication, micromanaging and stress can all lead to your employees not feeling fired up to produce for you. When your employees are motivated they will be that much more productive. The above tips will help keep employees enthusiastic about their work.  This in turn will build deeper work relationships which is vital to the health of your business.


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