Eight Tips For A Successful Open House In 2019

Open houses are an effective and great way to generate buzz, get new clients and encourage offers.  With that being said, it is essential that you properly prepare for your open house in order for it to be successful.

Below are eight tips for hosting a successful open house

1. Send out real estate email flyers

Open houses are all about getting the word out.  An easy way to do this is with real estate email flyers. You want to make sure you have professional photography as well as all the key features listed along with all your contact details.  There is a large template gallery and they are super easy to create. Once you are done, you can send out your flyer to your database of contacts.  For your open house, you should print real estate flyers so that your guests have something to take with them.

2. Send a video invite

People love video.  About a week before the open house, send out an email video invite to your entire database. Make the video fun and inviting. Remember it is not only an invitation but a representation of yourself as an agent.

3. Use Facebook ads

Facebook ads are super helpful in getting the word out.  Use the video you made and send it to everyone that is in the geographic area of the property.  You don’t need a hefty budget either.

4. Get your signs up early

A successful open house is one that needs foot traffic.  Therefore, you need to set up signs and set them up early.  Head out the day before and set them up at every turn that needs to be made to get to the home.  Just be sure to check with the neighborhood rules, some communities don’t allow signs and will take them down.

5. Team up with other agents

Find agents with listings in the area and coordinate your open houses for the same weekend.  With multiple homes, you have a higher chance of more foot traffic.  Make it fun by offering a prize or offering entry into a giveaway for those that visit all the open houses.

6.  Collect information

Now that you have brought in the people, you need to further nurture those leads by collecting their information.

Here are a couple of ways to help you collect those important details:

  • Use a tool like Open Home Pro.  People can easily add their contact information and the app will also send out a follow up email that includes your contact info. Best of all is it is free.
  • Use a tablet to collect names and email addresses.  Much easier than using the old school clip board.
  • Offer an incentive or a prize for filling out a contact form.  You can play a fun game like “guess the price” and the winner will get a prize.  The form should collect their name, email address and cell phone number.


7. Know all the key details of the home

This is one of the the most important tips. Guests expect you to know the home inside and out and if you do, you will come off as a more competent realtor. The night before, take some time out to learn all the key features and details of the home.  Arrive early enough before the open house so that you can do a walk through and see all the amenities and what everything is made of.  People will ask, so this is a key step.

Here are some additional details to know:

-What are the property taxes.

-Is the house in a flood zone?

-The dimensions of all the rooms.  Always have a tape measure on hand.

– Description of the neighborhood.  Families, older people etc.

-Age of the appliances like A/C and the age of the roof.

You may not know the answer to every question, but you can find out and reach out after the open house.  All the more reason to collect that contact info.


Open houses are key to helping you sell a property.  If successfully executed, they will not only help your property sell faster but also act as a great lead generator for your business.

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