Techniques and Myths Surrounding Psychic Readings

palm readingPsychic reading uses vision, sound, touch, smell or other instinct to understand happenings that are beyond human comprehension. Using their special gift, psychics help people understand different occurrences in their lives.


There are various psychic reading techniques used to interpret phenomena:

Coffee cup reading involves a cup of coffee to explore the past, present and future. The cup is usually divided into the upper, middle and bottom portions. The psychic uses symbols on the upper portion to predict the future, the middle to convey messages about the present and on the bottom to dig information about the past.

Another technique is candle wax psychic reading which also gives insight into the present, past and future. In this case the reader looks for messages on the melted wax but flames from the burning candle can also reveal messages. If the flame burns steadily, it is a sign of success but an unsteady flame signals bad luck.


Psychic readings can be very helpful to people who want to feel more centered, full of hope and direction but unfortunately, many are deterred by myths. Due to lack of understanding of what psychics do, people contort myriad stories about them. It is important to unravel the myths surrounding psychic readings before seeking their services:

  • Some people assume that psychics know everything but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Psychics do not know everything but in attempt to gain reputation, some claim that they do. This is dangerous for other psychics who may get a bad reputation due to misinformation.
  • Many people think that psychics can reverse fate but this is a false claim. If you think that seeing one will bring back your lost lover or get you hired, then you are wrong as psychics can only tell what happened, what is happening and what is likely to happen in future. They can tell if a partner has cheated but by no means can they bring them back to you. Those who ride on such promises are liars who carelessly disgrace the profession.
  • It is common thought that psychics tap into black magic and must be avoided at all odds. The truth is that they work cards, channeling, astrology and other metaphysical forced which are not usually negative. If not careful though, some psychics can tap into dark energy. To avoid this, one must seek God’s guidance, protection and avoid negative habits or company.

Psychic reading helps people deal with traumatic issues and most importantly helps to clarify the future for those who would love to know what their future holds.


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